3rd Annual StatMap User Conference (2015) - Workshops Agenda


Please can you make suggestions for what sort of workshops you’d like to see included at the forthcoming 2015 StatMap User Conference.


I’d quite like to see some workshops around some of the uses of the tools. For instance, I’d like to know more about the use of the field calculator and how this can be used more intelligently and for more complex problems than simply setting a value. Some basics on how javascript queries should be structured would be very helpful.

Also, setting up rasters would be another useful thing to look at. For instance, how can rasters be set up to band value ranges (e.g. values on a Digital Terrain Model raster grid be set up to be banded for 50m intervals.)



I agree I would like to understand the field calculator better. Afraid I would need the complete beginners version as well as more complex queries. This would potentially be really useful for us.


Actually, come to think of it, I’d also like some more stuff about:

  • configuring gazetteers to work with the gazetteer search function in Earthlight,
  • Setting up Aurora pages and how to build workflows / javascript block sequences to ‘make things happen in Aurora’,
  • Work shops on how to use the Regular Expressions command (application of the logic to examples and to show how this can be used to tweak and refine geocoding exercises.)

I’ll add more as I think of it.


Anything to do with workflow in Aurora would be good. Putting the workflows in the correct order and querying to do something, any tips or tricks would be useful.

Editing a shape - can you delete multiple nodes by CTRL or SHIFT clicking? General manipulation/erasing/slicing/joining of objects. This causes the most consternation for our staff and I have to admit I struggle a bit myself.

Tips to do with Page Layouts would be useful and setting up legends outside of the auto legend button - just found out that you make it so you can choose a legend image when printing, so anything else along those lines, that allow you to make the legend more configurable.


Deleting multiple nodes can’t be done explicitly using current controls - so far as I’m aware - but if you’re editing a boundary of a polygon, there’s a very easy work around. Simply make sure that the layer is set to a MultiPolygon type in the layer’s Advanced tab. Then - with the polygon in edit mode - use the RESHAPE tool to slice out the portion of the perimeter line whose nodes you’re wishing to delete. Then, highlight the newly segmented portion of the line and click the ‘Delete’ button in the edit tab.

I could do a video on that one, I suppose.


Further to my last post, I’ve added a video for download (it’s silent - as my microphone doesn’t appear to work at present) which shows the workaround which we use to remove multiple nodes from a polygon boundary. Please ignore the part above (which I’ve now edited) which said that you should use the ‘slice tool’. Actually, you use the ‘Reshape’ tool for performing this function.

The video is available for download from the Library section in the StatMap User Group section on KnowledgeHub.


Thanks Gordon, we will give it a go.


If there are any problems - please do come back to us.